Tour Guide to Biebrza National Park

There are several interesting ways of touring the Biebrza National Park. There is the water route along the Biebrza River. You can rent a kayak or a canoe and travel in the park along the Biebrza River or the Jegrznia River.

You can also use one of the three bicycle trails or the 18 tourist hiking trails with watchtowers, observation platforms and wooden footbridges to facilitate your walk over the marshes.

As most of the tourists are bird watchers or school groups from Europe, local guides are available who can speak both English and German.

If you are on a day tour of the area, you can take a trail in the Local Education Center near the Osowiec railway station. This trail is complete with watchtowers, footbridges and interpretative signs.

While on the trail, you will cross the bridge to pass the ruins of a 19th Century fortress on the other side of the river. It will take you around three hours to explore the Biebrza National Park. Afterwards, you can take the help of a guide to see the Osowiec Fortress Museum. Make sure to book the guide beforehand.

If you plan an overnight trip, you can explore the Biebrza National Park at a more leisurely pace. The day can be spent walking on the roads along the marshes, catching a view of the rare birds. You can have lunch at the Bartlowizna Restaurant, which offers an excellent meal. The view from the restaurant window with the meandering river, wild flowers and birds galore, is breathtaking.

After lunch you can go deeper into the marshes and look out for Elks, Hoopoes and Terns from the watchtowers. In the evening you may visit one of the lakes to see the waterfowls and the snipes for which the Park is so famous.