Main Attractions in Bialowieza National Park

For the tourist community, this National Park holds a special attraction, as it is one of the very few prehistoric forests remaining in today's world. It retains most of its archaic glory, the prime reasons for which are its inherent vitality, the support of the forest community, the natives and a location that is far away from the hustle and bustle of modern civilization.

Inside the National Park is the Bialowieza Glade, which houses a hotel, a restaurant and a parking lot. The Glade dates back to the days when Russia used to own the forest. In fact, the Russians had been the last private owners of this forest property.

Roaming inside the National Park is prohibited and there are conducted tours to specified areas of the forest. Horse drawn carriages are used for the tours.

The border between Poland and Belarus runs through the forest but crossing it is not allowed. So, the Belarussian side of the National Park remains out of bounds for tourists entering from Poland.

Bruised and battered throughout the ages, the forest has still managed to retain its uniqueness. The Special Protection Area (SPA) of the National Park is its treasure trove, where spontaneous natural occurrences have been taking place through the ages.

For the scientific community, its attraction lies in its rich biodiversity and thus holds the key to recreating the damaged European natural atmosphere in the future. It is the only surviving lowland forest of its kind and as such, it is always under the scrutiny of geographers and nature scientists.