Hotels and Accommodation on Beskidy Mountains

The Osrodek Gorski "Kordon" is situated in Sopotnia Wielka and is almost hidden in the verdurous greens of the Beskidy Mountains. Stuffed with all modern amenities and facilities it is an oasis for the itinerant traveler.

The Hotel Millenium is situated in Bochnia (another place on the Beskidy mountains) and is popular amongst both the tourists as well as the business travelers. Easy to reach with a strategic location that is not far from the airport, The Hotel Millenium is also sought after by convalescents and people recuperating from a disease. Its numerous therapies and fitness programs have made it the Mecca for professional healing. In short, the hotel promises something to everyone.

The Papuga Park Hotel is located in the Wapienica Valley in Bielsko-Biela and provides for innumerable outdoor activities. Moreover, its tartan racecourse, horse carriage rides, football ground, barbecue & fireplace and private nightclub, the Agupap surely promises you a different sort of a stay, exciting and vibrant. The hotel's own restaurant on the other hand caters to the needs of your taste buds with scrumptious meals and mouth smacking snacks dished up by the experienced chefs.

The Hotel Beskid is situated at the meeting point of the rivers Poprad, Dunajec and Kamienica. It has specially equipped rooms for handicapped persons and special arrangements for its non-smoking boarders as well. When you put up at this hotel, you are signing yourself up for a grand treatment from shoe shining machines, solarium, massage parlor, hairdresser, newsstand you name it and they have it.