Places of Interest on Beskidy Mountains

As mentioned earlier there are many small villages in the Beskidy Mountains where life moves at its own pace. One such village:

The Sopotnia Wielka is an idyllic hamlet in the Beskidy Mountains hidden from the world outside. With hardly any tourists frequenting this place, the village is perfect for traveling to the Pilsko summit. It is 1557m above sea level and is a popular skiing destination. However, the Sopotnia Wielka is perfect if you want some quiet time on your own. With its overpowering natural beauty, crisp fresh air, wooden houses with slanting roofs, small bridges over pretty waterfalls and wildlife you can almost feel the healing touch of Mother Nature.

The Bielsko-Biala sits on the foot of the Beskidy Mountains, close to the Czech border and is located 90 km and 55 km from Krakow and Katowice respectively. Its cultural and religious confluence gave it the name of "Little Vienna" and it got its name as the "Town of Hundred Industries" because of its architecture. But now its main attraction is tourism.

Lakes, rivers and great scenery provide a perfect hiking trail for the tourists. Yet, you could just take your fish bait along to catch a few for dinner from the effervescent river.

The highest peak in this region is the Babia Gora with a National Park in its name. The Vistula, the longest river in Poland, also originates from this region. Moreover, this place promises you everything, you are literally spoilt for choice, skiing, horse riding, gliding and paragliding, and there is even a cable car ride providing a magnificent view of the picturesque city.

Two of the most famous places in the Bielska region are the death camp of the Nazi in Auschwitz-Birkenau, and the hometown of Pope John Paul II in Wadowice. It is almost ironic to have a place of extreme violence and peace and love in such close proximity to each other. You could also make a trip to Cieszyn with its unique architectural flavor, Zywiec with its old castle dating back to the year 1500 and the grand palace of the Habsburgs.

There are bars, cinemas, theaters and nightclubs to keep the other half of the day equally exciting for you. Apart from these, other activities like, water-sports and a whole park dedicated to skating will surely ensure you and your family a fun and fulfilling stay at the Beskidy Mountains.