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Anonymous 20 Jul 2012 Fri
We lived in Hel during the war 1945-1946 my Dad was stationd in Hela (prior name)We followed my Dad to Hel. My Mom and 5 Chilren I was the jungest. A wonderful Famliy took us in. I am in Touch again with this Family and the Son is in Hel right now, where he was born. Hopefully I can make my dream come true and visit Hel next jear.

from Northern Califoria, USA

Maggie 27 Apr 2006 Thu
inteersting to read but there are so many grammar mistakes in this text, whoever has written it, should re-read,
good luck,

Darren from London 24 Apr 2006 Mon
I visited the Hel last February 2006 (very, very cold) but well worth it!! I can recommend visiting to anyone. The beaches are natural, un-polluted and clean. The sea is warm (very cold in winter) and clean and the forest is superb. I can recommends also a visit to the fishing port very Polish indeed. The people in Hel are very nice and use to tourists. There is no much to do in terms of shopping but the scenery really makes up for it. If you want to see the forest in all its glory take the train from Hel to Gdynia!

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